Cannabis Blogs to Follow

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Back when the term “420” was known only to a handful of hardcore cannabis enthusiasts, cannabis blogs were a mishmash of product reviews, hazy musings, and unhinged prognostications that only sort of seemed to make sense at the time. Today, with medical marijuana legal in 37 states and recreational cannabis legal in 19 states (and counting) cannabis blogs count in the hundreds, with everyone from High Times to The New York Times weighing in on the state of the cannabis industry.

Given that the cannabis market research firm BDSA forecasts cannabis sales in the U.S. to exceed $24 billion in 2021 (up 38% from 2020), the explosion in legit, mainstream news and information makes sense. These blogs are a far cry from the logically (and grammatically) challenged musings of the time before mass state legalization. The best of them equip the folks filling the U.S.’s 420,000+ cannabis jobs with essential business news on everything from cannabis stocks to cannabis business insurance to legal regulations to supply chain software to minority-business advocacy to insurance requirements–and much more.

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There are still plenty of cannabis blogs that are, of course, completely objective and definitely not conducted under the influence of any mind-altering substances. But our list of the best cannabis blogs to follow is all business. Whether you’re a cannabis entrepreneur, investor, advocate, or a work-a-day budtender, the still-emerging cannabis industry still holds plenty of secrets you’ll want to learn to successfully join the national conversation on the business of cannabis.

Cannabis Blogs to Follow & Why They Matter

Staying up-to-date in the cannabis industry is a smart way to keep your dispensary or cannabis company safe. After all, the industry is constantly changing and evolving, so it’s important to stay on top of the latest news, from trends to cannabis insurance. Here are five easy ways to stay up-to-date in the cannabis industry:

  1. Subscribe to a cannabis industry news site.

There are many great cannabis industry news sites out there that can help you stay on top of the latest industry news. Some of our favorites include Cannabis Business Times, Marijuana Business Daily, and The Cannabist.

  1. Follow key influencers on social media.

Social media is a great way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the cannabis industry. Be sure to follow key influencers such as Cannabis Investors Alliance, Arcview Group, and New Frontier Data.

  1. Attend cannabis industry events.

Cannabis industry events are a great way to network and learn about the latest industry trends. Some of the top events include the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo, the National Cannabis Industry Association Conference, and MJBizCon.

  1. Get involved with a trade association.

Trade associations are a great way to connect with other professionals in the cannabis industry and stay up-to-date on the latest industry news. Some of the top trade associations in the cannabis industry include the National Cannabis Industry Association, The Arcview Group, and Women Grow.

  1. Keep up with cannabistech news.

If you want to stay on top of the latest in cannabistech, be sure to follow sites such as Cannabistech News, The Cannabis Technology Report, and Marijuana Venture.

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15 Cannabis Blogs to Follow


  1. 420 Intel. This wide-ranging site covers the global cannabis industry, including topics such as legalization efforts around the world, politics and technology, cannabis business licensing and developments in medical marijuana research. If you’re an industry insider, you’ll appreciate 420 Intel’s in-depth coverage of cannabis horticulture, from news on software, greenhouses, dispensaries, lighting, and equipment. While the site contains mostly fact-based news, it aggregates articles from other publications so you can get perspectives and insights you probably otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to.
  2. 420 Magazine. With its motto “Creating Cannabis Awareness Since 1993,” it’s clear 420 Magazine is proud of its OG status in the now nearly-mainstream cannabis industry. While 420 Magazine is heavy on user-generated content with varying degrees of credibility, it’s front-page news coverage, which gets into topics as diverse as global cannabis politics, medical news, activism, and a dedicated section on women in cannabis called “420 Girls” is solid. Though it’s more consumer focused, entrepreneurs will certainly find it valuable for its ability to determine how the winds are blowing in the greater cannabis culture.
  3. Business of Cannabis. BofC is a must-read for cannabis industry movers and shakers who need timely reportage, insights, and analysis on all things related to running a cannabis business. If that’s you, subscribe to the newsletter and get your fix by 7 am. The selection of offerings includes a job board, videos and podcasts, and an events calendar.  
  4. Cannabis & Tech Today. This magazine offers a few different ways to consume its immaculately reported content. You can subscribe to the monthly print magazine for expanded, in-depth coverage on business, technology, and research news; sign up for the weekly newsletter; or listen to the podcast. The site itself contains a wealth of industry news with a focus on social equity and sustainability.
  5. Cannabis Business Executive. While there’s lots of news and information on CBE, some of the best features are the ones that allow cannabis business executives to really dive into the nitty gritty of running a cannabis company. You’ll find a job board, a business directory, events, webinars, press releases on new products and services—and lots more. A full section of white papers is must-reading for anyone interested in starting a cannabis business, getting into cultivation, and learning about some of the biggest players in the cannabis business world.
  6. Cannabis Business Times. In addition to great news and deep dives on topics, Cannabis Business Times offers authentic, original columnists who blog about their perspectives on industry news. Their insider tips cover everything from how to avoid costly greenhouse mistakes to how to do a cannabis cultivation risk assessment and could save you a lot of trial and error if you’re just starting out.
  7. Cannabis Law Report. Need a good cannabis lawyer? (You will, trust us.) But seriously, Cannabis Law Report has every single cannabis law topic you could possibly imagine and it’s an absolute must read for anyone in the cannabis business. The blogs feature a full roster of articles by law firms and professionals, including updates on California cannabis law specifically, cannabis tax law, and hemp law. There are also directories for lawyers specializing in different aspects of cannabis law.
  8. Forbes–Julie Weed. Starting with the incredible truth that her real last name is “Weed,” this reporter who blogs for Forbes is a cut above the rest. You can read her work across the Internet on various publications. She gets access to some of the most interesting people, places, and products in the legal cannabis market, including a family farm that raised two cannabis entrepreneurs. Follow her work for her ear-to-the-ground cannabis industry insights.
  9. Ganjapreneur. Calling itself “A valued resource for cannabis professionals,” Ganjapreneur is an awesome destination for news specifically related to cannabis entrepreneurs, investors, and others in the higher levels. You’ll find relevant news, Q&A interviews with successful entrepreneurs, investors, extractors, cultivators, and other business professionals, plus a listing of press releases. Ganjapreneur also features an amazing LinkedIn-like business index so you can network with other pros.
  10. Green Entrepreneur. You’ll be feeling much more confident, prepared, and informed about making business decisions after reading the super informative blogs at Green Entrepreneur. You’ll hear from entrepreneurs and investors themselves on their own growth strategies, revenue-generating ideas, stock market tips, and more. There’s also a podcast by Green Entrepreneur editor in chief Jonathan Small which offers inspiring stories of folks who made it in the industry.
  11. Green Market Report. Focused squarely on the financial side of the cannabis industry, Green Market Report is all about the money. “The Daily Hit” is a summary of the day’s relevant news, while “Marijuana Money” features expert commentary. You’ll also find portfolios, research reports, and more.
  12. High Times. Yes, that High Times. Sure, there are the product reviews you’d expect to see on High Times, but there’s also extensive business coverage here by seasoned cannabis reporters that should prove invaluable to anyone working in the field.  The politics editors provide thought-provoking stories for entrepreneurs to be mindful of as they attain success.
  13. Journal of Cannabis Research. This isn’t so much a blog as a repository of scientific research papers on cannabis studies (human and animal). If you’re the type who wants to know what current studies are being conducted on the physical and psychological impacts of cannabis—and you want to hear it straight from the researchers’ jargon-laden paper–then this is the place for you. It’s truly the bleeding edge of the industry.
  14. Marijuana Moment. Edited by Tom Angell, a longtime legalization advocate, Marijuana Moment rounds up all the most relevant news you need to know about the industry. Sign up for the morning email to get the hottest headlines, expert analysis, and primary source documents.
  15. New Cannabis Ventures. This site offers high-quality news and original content on cannabis companies and investors. You can follow industry thought leaders, learn about promising businesses, discover new and trending products and services, and stay up to date on stock indexes.

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