6 Small Business Saturday marketing ideas to grab consumer attention.

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Thanksgiving weekend has become the biggest shopping weekend of the year. While big box stores flood consumers with flashy promotions, deals, and savings leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday is about something else altogether. Customers still love savings on that day, but they also love the unique things that make your business what it is.

If you’re a small business, getting creative with your marketing can help it stand out and thrive this Small Business Saturday. Instead of following what the bigger brands are doing, use our Small Business Saturday marketing ideas to pull in loyal shoppers and new customers this year.

  1. Create a plan. Marketing is an invaluable tool when promoting your business, but it’s crucial to start with a plan. Decide what you want to accomplish, how much you’re willing to spend this year, and the outlets that will help you get there. Are you trying to get more foot traffic in the store this Small Business Saturday? Your plan will look different than another business that is trying to increase online sales or build its social media following. Take time to reflect on the weeks leading up to the day. Set goals and start your plan early.
  2. Build or update your website. Before Small Business Saturday, look at your website critically. Update your hours if they’ve changed. Reread your “About” page and descriptions of product information to ensure they’re accurate. Implementing search engine optimization on your website can also help get more attention. When customers search for a specific topic, your business will pop up higher in the search results if it relates. An updated and optimized website gives you more credibility and can make customers more likely to purchase.
  3. Optimize marketing emails. Email is a great tactic for Small Business Saturday and throughout the year. Add an area to your website where visitors can input their email addresses to get the latest updates from your business. This will help you continue to grow your list. Send periodic updates before Small Business Saturday with information about what you’ll be offering and when you’ll be open. Add product or service photos and keep emails short and sweet for the best results.
  4. Take advantage of social media. Social media is a great place to get free marketing, and putting small amounts of money behind your posts can help you get an even larger reach. For a minimal price, you could reach exponentially more people with your Small Business Saturday deals or promotions. Whether you’re paying for social media promotions or posting organically, keep these tips in mind, too: Know your audience, post Small Business Saturday deals early (and reminders as the day gets closer), interact with your followers, consider giveaways, add quality visuals or videos to your posts, and write in a friendly, approachable voice.
  5. Ready your storefront. Have a physical storefront? Be sure it’s safe and appealing for foot traffic walking by. Brush away debris and tripping hazards. Look at the paint, windows, awning, signage, and surroundings to see if any of them need sprucing up. A safe, clean, and welcoming business that invites customers in is one of the most effective strategies you can have.
  6. Plug into the community. If your business is part of downtown, reach out to your neighboring businesses. Together, you can join forces to promote your companies. Come up with a tagline, make fun signage, and consider town-wide promotions. Working together to build Small Business Saturday into a larger event will bring even more attention to your area. If your business is entirely online, talk to other small businesses about cross-promoting on your respective social pages. Getting creative with others can be beneficial for all.

These Small Business Saturday marketing ideas can help you stand out and bring more sales this year. Want even more insight and peace of mind? Learn how businesses of all kinds benefit from our small business insurance. Talk to a local, independent agent about coverage.

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