Why your business needs employment practices liability insurance: 2 things to consider.

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What is employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)? In today’s social climate, employment practices liability insurance is a sensible layer of protection for your business if a current or past employee files an accusation, claim, or lawsuit against you. Common claims include discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, libel, slander, humiliation, and more.

Does your small business need it? Since settlements can be costly, it’s important for business owners to have EPLI coverage. Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Can I afford a lawsuit on my own? If you’re just starting to build your business, you’re probably just starting to make a profit. Could you afford a lawsuit if one was filed against you? The small cost of EPLI coverage can eliminate that worry and afford you more peace of mind.
  2. Do I have emergency funds? Do you have an emergency fund set up for your business? Does it hold enough to pay for a lawyer, pay out a settlement, and continue business as usual after a lawsuit? EPLI coverage can kick in when you don’t have an emergency fund, when you need added financial assistance, or to keep financial strain away and protect your current assets.

Depending on your current business policy, you may already have some degree of coverage. Talk to one of our local, independent agents about reviewing your current business policy to help identify coverage gaps. Then, ask about EPLI coverage for your small business.

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